I’d rather have an asshole for president who will fix the economy, than a good person who will run America into the ground.

If Obama’s such a good person, he wouldn’t run America down to the ground in the first place. If Obama’s such a good person, he wouldn’t want to steal from other people in order to pay for others, subsidizing groups and starting class warfare. If Obama’s such an outstanding character, why would he implement all of those drone strikes. (Liberals can never get past an argument about Obama if you mention his outstanding record of drone strikes. )

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Supreme Court passes ObamaCare? How fucking surprising.

All you Libertarians and Republicans… don’t you dare act like this was a surprise. This was foreseen months ahead. It was beyond obvious. Obama has been confident about this since the moment he presented this again to everyone. 

Now, I have made it beyond clear that I disprove of this quack legislation. It was actually my very first post:

That’s for anyone wanting to review or read that. Now, I didn’t actually mention the bill on that first post, but God damn is this bill VERY close to Universal Healthcare on a national level. Giving no room for choice to the states!

It seems I covered the implications of more taxes. I’d like to reintroduce my ‘ha’, if you will, and raise that to a ‘haha’. I’m slowly on the verge of laughing hysterically as we all fall on our asses with this new introduction to ObamaCare. We all knew before that we were about to slip, and at the moment our feet are stumbling upon this bill and we are  about to trip to our doom. As our asses will hit the ground, you will see me laughing mine off, breathing out ‘I told you so’ between each wheeze of pain and giggles. Not only will it be a new crater of taxes for us, the people and, more pressing, small business owners - those who grow and help rise the economy and provide jobs - who have no say in this, but it is the BIGGEST tax. Not only have we boomed our debt by trillions, but we have welcomed Big Brother into our door mat and are about to pull him graciously into our living room. 

My friend today, a very bright and inspiring Republican (although we differ on some social matters - and he considers me a bit of a radical in some matters - we do agree on many valid points, especially on the economy), informed me of the Supreme Court passing this. I knew they would be carrying on the decision, but I was very busy today and was reluctant to be informed of the dreaded news, knowing the results already because of obvious circumstances. Still, he told me that if I wanted to see something a bit more positive, I should go to Fox News and see Mitt Romney’s speech. Now, Mitt Romney is a fucking airhead when it comes to civil matters and certain aspects of social problems (in my opinion), but he’s… the man is a genius with many aspects of the economy and how he plans to approach them. The economic war on China he wants to start, for example. I agree on that for the most part. By God, we finally put our firm foot on the ground with him in the ordinance of the China market issue. Same with this:

I usually have some issues or tweaks that I want to correct when this man speaks, but this speech… I agree with in every single word. 

My friend and I conversed on the phone about this all. We talked about Obama’s broken promises (how he said the premium will not rise, but it very much will so), the large and troubling implications of his joke of a bill, and finally, how all this is just one step closer to Socialism. We agreed that the people, not understanding anything other than the fact that the majority are lazy, will allow government to gain power to provide them accommodations. Thing is, the essence and core of this back and forth tango between the government and the people is how much control over the people the government has. In the beginning of this country, we had striven to limit the control government had, but lately - with leaders and big government lovers - we have given them more and more. We allow them control for them to accommodate us, but what we don’t realize is that we are allowing them control over us.

Our founding fathers would spit on us all for allowing such rising of imposing taxes to occur. How dare we blemish all they fought for? They fought for freedom and the right to individual and personal freedom, not to be oppressed by taxes. 

We also agreed on how the Republicans in general are handling this. They have the right stance on this issue, but they are retarded enough to go about it all wrong. He said, which I agree with him entirely, that instead of focusing on the whole ObamaCare bill to the point of boring the people, the Republicans should strike back by talking about what the people want to hear… and that is about JOBS! Jobs, jobs, and more jobs! Speculations on future jobs and how it all is affected by ObamaCare, etc (basically, unemployment rates, etc). Republicans have this thing about going about everything in an embarrassing way. If they just shut the fuck up for once in their lives (these are my words now, not his), they could fucking see the big picture of how to approach shit. They start noticing what the people want and are familiar with and they use that to bring forth their points. The liberals do that all the time, and that’s why there are brainwashed monkeys out there. I’m not saying Republicans should brainwash monkeys (in other words, the majority parakeets), but they should counterattack by introducing the people’s concern and informing them about the implications of retarded ass laws like this, instead of whining and crying like broken records! (again, my words)

Well, I’m going to sleep and have possible chilling nightmares on the socialist regime that will probably start to occur definitely by the time I’m a dying senior in the Retirement House. This whole thing is spiraling down quickly, and all I know is that if Obama is re-elected, the mess that he formed will plummet down to the abyss full force. We have, since decades ago, been falling into this this shit, and we keep falling into it. 

Good night, and I’m signing off!