• Obama: Doesn't want to ban porn.
  • Obama: Doesn't want to restrict your internet.
  • Obama: Doesn't want to take away your guns.
  • Obama: Supports gay marriage.
  • Obama: Education for all!
  • Obama: Universal healthcare!
  • Americans: You're destroying this country.
  • -------------
  • Obama: Passed the Patriot Act
  • Obama: Was against gay marriage six months ago (like any liberals remember that).
  • Obama: Wants to force others to pay for you.
  • Obama: Taxes for all!
  • Obama: 301 Drone Strikes! Yepee!!
  • Obama: You don't want high premiums and taxes for healthcare that is ruining businesses and worker's insurance (which has raised 23% already)? Too bad, you have to pay a large fee PLUS continue to pay taxes for everyone!
  • Obama: I care for unemployment! That's why there's 1.1 million more unemployed!
  • Obama: Subsidizing one group at a time.
  • Obama: I care for college students! That's why tuition rose about two thousand dollars more!
  • Obama: Passed the NDAA... for your protection of course.
  • Obama: Claims not to be a socialist, but supports universal healthcare (which subsidizes groups and causes more taxes), wants others to pay for their "fair share" (in other words, forcing others to pay more than they are entitled to), and supports gun control (something he advocated before presidency)!
  • Obama: Supporting Mexican drug lords since presidency!
  • Liberals: You're helping this country.


Thank you, JS.  

The chicken is evil, but you don’t have to be. 

Respect others and their opinions, even if they don’t agree with what you think is right. THIS GOES BOTH WAYS!!!

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When a man dressed as Satan speaks more accurately about God than your pastor, you know something is wrong.


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